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April 05, 2006


Harry S

A priest, a lawyer and an engineer were abducted while traveling in a foreign country and sentenced to die by guillotine.

They put the priest face down in the guillotine, but he said "I would like to die facing my maker". So they turned him over to face upward and pulled the cord. But when the blade came down, it stuck halfway. A cry went up from the crowd: "It's a miracle!". And so they set him free.

The lawyer, concluding the miracle was a precedent, said, "I, too, would like to face my maker". So they put him in face up, and when the blade came down, it again stuck halfway. "Another miracle!" cried the crowd. So they set him free as well.

Finally it was the engineer's turn. Being evidence-based, he said he wanted to go facing the sky too. So they put him in the guillotine facing up, whereupon he said, "Ok, I think I see where this thing is hanging up".

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Very funny jokes about engineers, I could not breathe from laughing so hard after reading this blog, very entertaining. Thank you.


I like this website given and it has given me some sort of commitment to have success for some reason, so thanks.


Your content is so funny. Its great to see that humor lives on.

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