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February 12, 2007


Emre Sokullu

Excellent :)) Funniest thing I've ever seen, the business model is really well-thought!

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Hey! I agree to Ms.Emre This is funny.. I never thought of it that way.Such a nice clothing business. Thanks for this entry.


Wholesale Clothing

Now Google Enters The Designer Clothing Business. its really sound funny. Huh i dont know what Google wants.

wholesale artful dodger

This is a great idea! thanks for the post.



Great news. Never thought Google would get into fashion but I guess there are thing that can be changed.


Again what do you expect from Google. They have been the best search engine and now they will venture into a new and exiting world of fashion.


Its not unusual for Google to venture into something new as they have done many times already.

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I can't believe they would venture into the clothing business. That's Google for you.

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I was a little bit surprised to learn that Google is trying to venture into clothing business.

China Web Hosting

Great idea! I would love to have my own Google shop. It would be easier to market online.

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What is the web site Bella in twilight goes to as she enters "the cold one" in google?

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How I can send a mail to google help team?
Dear friends

I have a google account and, alternative email address is this yahoo account, you know when we change account settings like password they inform us via our alternative email, I received the following mail from GOOGLE

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hi! Thanks for sharing this information, this blog seems so interesting! I love fashion designing! I really like the designs of MacQueen, shame we lost him!

MJ at Designer Jeans

Google botique?? Sounds familiar... hahaha!!! A very great idea!

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It's good. I've heared some parents called their son by name Google :)

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Hahahahaha Very nice joke

I would like to appreciate google

If I would get T shirt with Google Logo

thanks for sharing this joke.


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Steve John

Great idea! I would love to have my own Google shop. Thanks for sharing your strange idea.

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You'll need to check out huge jewelry stores then.

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Wow! It's amazing.... really very interesting.... From this one thing is cleared that See people are How Crazy About "GOOGLE" , Really I found this so interesting. Thanks for sharing it. I like your blog.

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good luck. plz keep it away.

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Well, dearies, how have you got on today? There was so much to do, getting the boxes ready to go tomorrow, that I didn't come home to dinner.

Lexia 3

Girls always look on themselves as proud princesses, with the exception of a small number of either extremely ugly or exceedingly smart ones.

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Google is spreding to the clothing indusrty? Good luck to everyone!

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That sure is peculiar and interesting at the same time!


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