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February 07, 2006



Baris- I am curious about your comment on #7. Why do you feel the fact that it's a husband-and-wife team might make Plum unfundable?

Baris Karadogan

It's generally a red flag because it makes it hard to seperate the personal relationship from the business relationship. For example, let's say the wife is the CEO and the husband is the VP of Engineering and he's not delivering on the product, and is disruptive within the company. How do you convince one to fire the other?

Having said that, this is not the case in Plum. I talked to them and one is only an advisor and there is a clear seperation of roles. So it's not a problem.

Gizem Ozkulahci

If I remember correctly, s few years ago, DEMO had showcased iRobot as one of the hottest newcomers and they have done rather well commercially... Which one of these do you think has the potential to become more of a commercial success?


#1 an #2 on the list


Great heads-up on what's new out there. I am really intrigued by Riya: This is the type of thing that if it really works, we'll all be wondering how we managed without it. How far do you think they are from commercial product?


From what I hear a public beta is coming soon, max 1 month I'd say. CTO is Turkish by the way.

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