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February 06, 2006



Baris your blog is getting better and better. I am so glad you have not succumbed to the pressures of blogging on a daily basis and end up regurgitating what others are writing. I am tired of the general "so and so have written this. I like it. here is the link" as if I cannot get to that link myself.

Anyhow. This piece made me somewhat sad. I recognize painfully that we live in a world of "transactions" but I never took it to a personal level with their permanent personal recording. More like an osterich I guess since VISA, Amex, Safeway, my bank, most everyone out there know about my history and it will likely remain in the digital realm for kingdom come. If my grandchild wants it, (s)he can subphoena the Man, and get my records along with all the emails/phone calls/etc that I have ever sent/made (I am sure it is there somewhere - there is always NSA).

My sadness, therefore, came from the realization that gone are the innocent "moneyless" days we have had adorned with the purest joys. Memory is fleeting, there were no readily available cameras back then, and obviously no MS Money (as recovering from the name intimation, "no money"). Alamo is down, there is nowhere to run.

However, being the osterich, I will refuse to transact with the transactions--my system is refusing it. I bought almost all generations of MS Money, along with a couple of Quickens, even put in most my information (the steep initial investment). In fact I just got Money 2006 a month ago. The love for the tool never resulted in the love for the execution. Partly, I admit, I am lazy. But more importantly, how glib of an activity is balancing your checkbook (my mind wanders to all those accountant/actuarial jokes).

Anyway, the Money 2006 is still sitting in the computer waiting for me to take "control" of my financial life, or simply "life" in your parlance. But I gotta pass on the advice. Life without control (on paper at least) sounds much more appealing.


Dear OU,
Thanks for your kind words. Keep reading, I have some new ideas that I think you will like.

Regarding your comments, first of all, don't feel bad about the "innocent days" being gone. If I learned one thing in Tom Cover's Information Theory class, that is that "information can't hurt." You can always chose to ignore it. Despite living in a world of digital cameras, and digital record keeping you can still use Microsoft Money everyday but completely ignore what it captures about you. There is a great benefit of using Microsoft Money in case you or your children change your minds. You'd have the option to embrace it. If you don't use it, you'll lose the option.

As far as the glib activity of balancing your checkbook, yes accountant jokes do come to mind. There was a time I entered every receipt manually including one for $1 each. It was tedious but after a while it becomes a quick routine and you forget about it. Nowadays it's only your cash transactions you have to enter, you can download all credit card transactions. But think of the following benefit of keeping good accounting. If you do use Microsoft Money you can say things like the following.

"Honey, it's March and you've already spent the same amount of money on shoes as you did all of last year."

"Each Starbuck's visit isn't a big deal, but every month on average we go to Starbucks 20 times and pay $70, that's like subscribing to 20 magazines."

Now isn't that a way to keep a lid on your expenses?

Cara Fletcher

It's right that you can learn more about someone from his personal fiances than from all his photos.From the finances you can see how responsible and the man is and can you trust him.

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