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March 21, 2006



Joga's biggest hurdles will be Nike and Google. For Nike, I suspect it's viewed just a marketing campaign. has there ever been a sustained project in anything that's been borne within the marketing realm? (OK, maybe Johnnie Walker's Keep Walking project, but they have to depend on this kind of creativity since they can't freely advertise through traditional channels.) And, on the Google side, look at Orkut. The definitive football SNS needs to come from the streets, just like the game. :)


As far as social networking goes the website has the right idea. Connecting people who play football with others in their local area. This site has a lot of potential once people start finding out about it!

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Are there any "easy" to use proxy programs like freegate?
I need a program (i guess you call it a proxy server program) that has servers that serve as proxies like Freegate and UltraSurf (UltraSurf contains trojans) because my High Schools internet has a System up (Lightspeed Security I think) that blocks anyone from getting on sites that they dont approve of. Like social networking sites, forums, and flash-game websites. I need something to use to get on MySpace/Facebook.

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This is quite an old article. Has anyone heard anything yet?

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It took him a while as he pulled forward and back but eventually.

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