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March 17, 2006


Michael Carrier

Your link to the Stylehive, which is a web2.0 social bookmarking for people into shopping site, is incorrect, it shoulbe please correct if you get a chance.


Munjal Shah

Wow that quite a list - very useful compilation.

Elijah Blue

I use Clickcaster to do my podcast (the Dead Guy Hippie Shit show). Looked at the others and found the guys at ClickCaster were the most responsive and had the easiest to use site. They also have no limit on size of files (or how many you can store) and no limit on bandwidth. They've got a cool little recorder that they tell me is a custom java applet that has alot higher quality then the flash based recorders on the other sites. And it's free. Did I say they also answer email? (something none of the other big guys like Odeo seem to do.. at least not for me). If you're gonna podcast, these guys are worth checkin out.



I use Pando. It's really awesome. You should have listed it in the Email 2.0 category btw. Its for emailing huge files.

I think Pando is one of the most promising Web 2.0 companies because they took a distributive technology, BitTorrent, and brought it to the mainstream masses -- in a really slick, user friendly way.

Tom Brown

of course, the great number of web2.0 companies is attributable not to the availability of venture funds but to the lack of need for them. I would be interested to know what percentage of these companies are run by as few as one or two people.

local business directory

wuraweb i like ok, the only thing that makes them web2.0 are their reviews, other than that just a yellowpages with prices, which i think will outlast alot of these. also i dont think amazon belongs, theyve been out. anybody want to make more predictions, with imaginary online wagers,lol. i dont no if prosper is on the list, but i think the idea is really unique and they will last.


Tagworld seems to be making a pretty good run in the social networking space. Another one to keep an eye on is Qoop.

Ernstjan Albers

@John, I can help you out for one of the companies. is run by two people. will launch in the US in about two months. If you cant read Dutch and want to know what does, Its a local shop search app, with the difference that we use your own reviews to select which shops are more relevant for you. If have got a review (or can't be botherd)will get the best result according to the whole group of users. If you want to beta test the us version, drop me a line.

Shelly works so nice for passport photos

Ali Sahinbas

this is a magnificent compilation Baris, thank you for sharing. my girlfriend who is a journalist (she's got lots to cover now)was literally screaming with joy when she saw this list last night.


Looking the list over I find that just trying to categorize all these companies is trippy and difficult! A perfect use for a RawSugar directory, of course ;)

Also, the URL next to FeedBlender is incorrect, you used, and the name is actually FeedBlendr (missing the final 'e').

John Furrier

Amazing list... hell this post is so comprehensive that you could have posted one of these companies a day and you're the next web 2.0 authority..

Nice work

Luke Metcalfe

Hi it's Luke Metcalfe here, CEO of Rapid Intelligence, creators of Qwika.
Thank you for linking to us - the site is now a whole lot better with
21,964,380 articles in 1,158 wikis.

For more information see

Luke Metcalfe
[email protected]

webgoggles rocks. thanks!

Brian Balfour

[...]I came across a good list of Web 2.0 companies via VentureBlog. While I don’t agree with some of the companies on the list as web 2.0 (i.e.friendster), the sheer length of the list amazes me. Just in the Social Bookmarking category there are over 40 companies. Can we say saturated?[...]

Mike Hogan

ZiXXo is a web 2.0 company handling syndication of online coupons


you forgot

an amazon price checker

Will Cuan

And add my favortie place for new Google Modules: HotModules


Hmm, that didn't work, maybe this will create a link: HotModules

Charles Ying

Oops! You forgot FilmLoop under images:

danke :-)

Charles @ FilmLoop

Bob Stumpel

The correct & frequently updated original version of this list is on


Here's a great user driven list:


Best of Web 2.0 sites ranked by actual users. Drag & drop sites to desired spot in the list and submit rankings. Overall rankings reflect cumulative average of all user submissions. Recommend a new site as well..

Shawn McCollum

Mobile Portal/Search Engine.

Shawn McCollum

Mobile Portal/Search Engine.


Create and share comics ? Don't forget ; ))

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