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March 17, 2006



what's up with no social networking section?


Looking at all of these sites, I think I will become a BK(bankruptcy) attorney. I will have better chance at making money.


Jose del Moral (Alianzo) is our web 2.0 local product, where we mix social networking with tags, RSS, blogs and, of course, Google Maps.

Dimitar Vesselinov

Blogtronix: Secure Corparate Blogging and Business Networking on demand


hello Baris

in first time, excuse my english, i'm french and my english is very bad.

Thanks for your help by editing this complete list. I put a link to your blog on mine, and by this, French can see your work.

Thanks a lot and it is always a pleasure to read you.

joe - link, image, text, feed, and file saving and tagging - free online gradebook and reporting

Webb A.

Hi Baris

Nice list. Have you looked at Dodloo ? They're a shopping search engine that's super fast, and very relevant. I'm surprised you didn't add them to your list.




Should have added

There is no other file sharing software like it for video , mp3 and documents - ANY size video can be put up and watched instantly all in a nice itunes organized format-

Alex Le

Instant web-chat for any website


Over and over again you repeat everyone's misrouting of Quintura.

Easton Ellsworth

What a list you've got here! Off the top of my head - I love Pandora, Flickr,, Writely, cocomment, Firefox (okay, not Web 2.0 maybe, but I had to mention it), and Movable Type.

Sam Sanders

+1 for GreedyMe! (wishlists management). And I'm not just saying that because it's my site... ;)


CoreBlox provides Channel Services Management, and integrates with

List under CRM 2.0

George Curnew

The sooner Web 2.0 implodes the better...most of these "companies" are a joke...calling them "applications" is laughable, and with no apparent business model (other than give it away and hope for a buyout) the VAST majority of these one-trick ponies will be gone within a year.


The VENTURE CAPITAL 2.0 list is a joke! None of the links actually works. Try following them!


Keotag - tag & search

Tien-Chih Wang

Can you also add my serveral sites on the list? Ebay & Amazon Combined Shopping Search Meta Job Search Engine Ebay Web Contextual Ads. Amaozn Book Search Word Sets


I will soon prepare a modified and corrected list using the feedback in all these comments.

Tien-Chih Wang

Can you also add my serveral sites on the list? Ebay & Amazon Combined Shopping Search Meta Job Search Engine Ebay Web Contextual Ads. Amaozn Book Search Word Sets


Wow 2.0 ! this is an extremely useful list 2.0 with all those handy categories 2.0, and all those websites 2.0!

Why didn't google 2.0 think of this? We want lists! HUGE lists! Bring em on! 2.0.

Setting default homepage (2.0) to this page as I am typing.

Oh, the joy 2.0 this list brings.

The list lacks a "pr0n 2.0 category" though.

Carl Eklof

BeeThere is not on the list, even though Bebopular is the first link.

BeeThere also compares music calendar against your iTunes catalogue, but BeeThere has been doing it longer, and is so much better than Bebop, there is almost no comparison. But please don't just listen to me. Please compare:

BeeThere actually performs shows you artist photos, reviews, websites, and can build your personalized concert list dynamically on the website! ...all with no software installation necessary, one simple java applet performs the integration.

Carl Eklof


Carl Eklof

Could you please point out that BeeThere serves the US and Canada, while Bebop serves the UK and Ireland?


BTW, Sorry to send these as separate posts.

Ben Carcio

Great list. Lookout for Offertax in the ecomm catagory.




Here's another for you ... Employment Site TalentSpy

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