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May 26, 2006



Nice try... Now try searching FENERBAHÇE with the correct spelling... You'll see that the volume's much stronger, and closer to Galatasaray's, which is natural, since you see below that the searches come from Turkey, where Turks use Turkish keyboards. Now add the graph you get to the graph you get with the English spelling for Fenerbahce... :) Rinse. Repeat.


I knew it was only a matter of time with you, before you figured it out.

Emre told me yesterday about the misspelling.

But nonetheless, we are the champions...


BTW, the misspelt version is originated by and large out of Turkey. Since they all have Turkish keyboards, we learn here that their fans can't spell properly :-0


Now we can finally compare apples and oranges... Apples have a pronounced seasonal uptick in the fall!


Very nice, Ayse...

Saber Zohir

I was going to comment on the spelling, but just saw Cem's comment

talking about this

Dan Herman

Windows vs. Linux vs. Mac is interesting. Especially since searching for either Mac or Apple independently both show the same shift against Linux, and presumably should be added.

This and the previous comments do point to the sensitivity of terminology/spelling. Seems like some way to add contextual sensitivity to the terms is needed to make this really useful.

spelling words for kids

I was going to comment on the spelling, but just saw Cem's comment

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