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May 04, 2006


Virginie Glaenzer

Hello there,
Thank you for that very insightful feedback on the Wireless Venture conference where I wish I could have attended. I want to let you know that the company I work for, has a unique peer-to-multipeers viral solution to acquire a lot a subscribers for advertising purpose and more. We will do what it takes to bring to a hotspot near you for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth users. If you have any question, please feel free to ask. Thanks!
Virginie Glaenzer, CEO

Altan Alpay

My picks would be Mobio, Buzzage, SoonR and Flurry. I should also add Flipt(Radiate) to the list.

Undoubtfully the growth in mobile market is driven by the youth crowd. For a middle aged man, mobile phones means just the phones without wires, nothing more. But for an 18 years old, it means much more. Matter of fact, all-time mobile hits like SMS, Ringtones, Push-to-Talk, games were bought by the youth as well. Youth is driving 3G Data Usage.

MVNOs (Ampd, Xero,Disney, Helio, Virgin) well aware the potential of the youth market and they already launched their $300m+ businesses betting on this area.
Despite of the fact that having these 800 pound gorillas around, I beleive still there is a huge room for the small players.

I would bet on youth oriented location based social mobile applications with integrated push-to-talk and digital media delivery capabilities.


Remember back in the day when you had to pay a quarter to play your favorite games and have some snot nosed kid bugging you while trying to play your Arcade Games?

well now you can play them for free in the privacy of your own home!
Have fun guys!

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