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July 21, 2006



I don't agree with you on this. Rationale: This is very similar to the Windows-Linux story. Windows and MySpace are both platform providers. The difference is that barrier to entry in Windows case is much higher. But the monopolistic behaviours of Windows pushed others to create alternatives. Today, in such a high-tech field, Linux is a serious competitor to Windows, leader in server installations and rising in desktop market too (wait for the Vista and the new versions of Gnome and X11 -2007-). As for MySpace, there's a very low barrier to entry, and a more open and user-friendly competitor (like PeopleAggregator maybe) can always take the lead.

What I mean is that being a platform provider brings you big responsibility; if you are not friendly with others, they won't stop harming you. I think, being open should be the way to go for platform providers.


I don't think MySpace will block outward linking third party widgets forever. They will embrace them. But they will ask the vendor to join their "widget partner" program where they will be asked to pay to be put on the myspace site.

John Rodkin

The recent Ebay rejection of Meebome widget is another good example of exactly what you describe here. A big company blocking a third party widget that siphons traffic.

Kristen Ursem

I think you hit the nail on the head, Baris. MySpace will allow just about anything, as long as they can figure out a way to profit from it. The article in Wired last month made that one obvious! Too bad they don't understand the importance of not burning bridges with other Internet companies... :)

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