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August 25, 2006


Emre Sokullu

I can't agree with you on your argument but I've found the site very interesting and wanted to post a very old idea of mine. Please check it out:; I wonder if you agree or not :)


Very intersting, I had this idea a long time ago as well. So now that you freed humans from the need to find food, can you find a way to free humans from the need to breathe air?

Emre Sokullu

Yes this will be my next challenge; but I leave it for now because first of all, I need to find a way to free myself from the heavy duties of my daily life :) Thanx!


I will continue to visit enjoyed the reading thanks


I am happy you liked it. I can't reach by the way.

Sunil Tagare

Hey Baris. It's scary how right you were with your prediction that by 2036, atleast one man will father 150 kids. Last night on 60 Minutes, they were talking about how single women were going in droves to sperm banks to get pregnant. The most eligible sperm donors were in big demand and now there are tens of families with half-brothers and half-sisters running around. One guy already has 20 kids that he knows of.

So you get a A+ in my books on this prediction. In fact, its happening sooner than you predicted.

So maybe you should try out a few more predictions. I'll be watching.

Sunil Tagare

Here is a link for the article that proves your prediction:

Larry Chiang

This is my vote: the more things change, the more they stay the same. I went to AO 06 and I kept thinking that history repeats

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