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September 04, 2006




Nice post. Can you please shed some light on image search or media file search ? Do you consider them to be a vertical search or different ?

Coming back to other vertical search engines that you'd mentioned, I guess those companies are not just focussed on grouping all relevant information in one place. They are grouping it properly. For example, if I am planning for a trip to Lake tahoe, I would really want to goto a site where I can get everything that is required for the trip. I think that's what is focussed on all vertical search engines.

If I have to do that all by myself by searching on Google, then it's very likely that I'll miss something or ponder around for information.

Same is true with Health search. WebMD is still widely used for health related search and I heard Kosmix is getting traction too in that area.


Yahoo has launched the Search Engine Builder a few weeks ago.

You build a vertical search engine limiting search to a set of sites of your choices. They even allow your ads on it.


I don't consider image searh or media file search vertical search yet, because they are very primitive and not much more than text search on file names or tags.

I think Cem got it right here (
Vertial search has to do more than better search, be a mashup or bring in new content. Then it's not just search.



This is a great post - you make some good points. I agree
with you that if the only advantage offered by
Vertical Search Engines (VSEs) is to provide quicker and
more relevant results by limiting the scope of their
crawl/search to only a subset of the web, then that is
not enough to draw users away from Google, Yahoo, MSN et al.

But vertical search engines, by virtue of focusing on a
specific domain, can use their deep understanding of that
domain to help users solve important problems in
that domain - find a job, buy an iPod, research and book
a vacation. They can encourage communities in their area of
interest, integrate crawled data with proprietary content
and offer domain-specific comparison and configuration tools
based on structured metadata. I discuss this in detail in
this blog post on my blog. Examples of companies that are
already doing this are, SimplyHired and

What do you think? Is the addition of customized,
integrated content and services into crawled search results
enough to draw users away from the major search engines
for specific tasks?


I suppose more than search technology it the understanding of consumer search behavior that is more important to create a successful engine like Google. Technolgy that can appeal to masses has to be simple and marketed that way. Google excels in it plus it became a global brand synonymous with search + it has the first-mover advantage also. What you guys think? If you get time do visit my SEO Blog and put your comments.

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Good article; I never heard of vertical search engine before.


i will try vertical search engine

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Help with symbols, maybe an image match search engine?
I have a necklace that an Aunt gave to me. She has a touch of dementia in her age and has no idea where this necklace came from, but I still love it. I could draw/ scan the necklace then upload and search it, but I don't know of any search engines that look for similar pictures rather than words. If you know of one that would be great!


Using longtail keywords adds up your chance for higher rankings because you target more keywords, at the same time target more specific market.

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