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September 12, 2006



This is a great article, Baris!

I love the comparison of time spent "in-world" vs. other media, for me it really clarifies the opportunities of in-game ad placement. Before, I always thought of game ad placement as a pure virtual "real-estate" calculation.



I am happy you liked it. There is more on the topic here, in an earlier post.


Tomer Alpert

I found you from a published article. We have developed a video creation platform for products, ads in a sense but sold at a price point that we can sell to the retailers.

We're currently focused on the automotive market. We have 7 resellers and are now powering over 1500 dealerships. We have 1 signed deal with a Portal and have 1 in the wings with a OEM.

This is something the ad community has never seen before, this month we'll create over 100,000 product videos. Our platform is crating the new "standard ad". From pictures and text to full motion audio/video at a price that no one wants to compete with... so far :)

I contacted you b/c I thought you might be interested in learning about what we're doing. Its not a mass market ad, but a point-of-sale ad.

Let me know if this is in-line with your interests. - cheers

Tomer Alpert

Mike Hogan

Baris, I forgot to mention my trademark on the phrase "ad gutter" :). Nice post.

Dusty Wright

We looked backwards at the old TV/Radio models to think forward for our smart culture site We created an NPR meets 50s Network vibe for our sponsors. We want single sponsors for our podcasts/vidcasts. My partner Richard Burns created a template that we can drop visuals/audio into that doesn't offend our users. Rather seemless and cool.

By the way, we've been hired by MacWorld Expo 2007 to run their Podcasters Market in SF Jan. 8-12th.

We should talk to you about participating in a panel. My friend Steve Starr at Revver is joing us, our agent Jonathan Trumper, plus many other podcasters you'll know. Maybe we can convince Fred Davis, too.

Will you be in Ontario, CA in few weeks for the Podcasting pow wow?

You can reach me via skype: puffdusty.




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