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October 09, 2006


Baris Aksoy

Good point!

Any ideas on why MSFT passed on this opportunity? They certainly have cash. YouTube could have been a great opportunity to capture ad revenue in the online video space for MSFT.


Google paid stock not cash, but either way they have the market cap and the cash.

I think Microsoft is not thinking big, they are thinking Vista.


Good thought, I would have missed this part of the story if not for your article!

Emre Sokullu

Yes very good points, I agree with you. I think the legal problems of YouTube was the weakening point in their price negotiations. YouTube knew that they can't face legal challenges all alone. On the other hand, Google is very powerful and, with Al Gore in their advisory board for instance, has tight connections with US government. So both needed each other (Google Videos couldn't catch YouTube's popularity) and that's why the price was not "so so" high.


the stat that Youtube gets 100M searches a day is incorrect. 100M page views are different from searches. gets arnd 400M visits a day, that doesnt mean they get so many searches.

Baris Karadogan

YouTube serves 100M video views per day. Not pageviews. I consider each view a search result, because that's where you serve ads, like searches.

Emre Sokullu

Interesting points on Franck Poisson's blog (french) too.

He thinks similarly, but for him, the main reason is the current financial data of potential acquirers and the potential revenue sources of YouTube.

The other reason is search IP of YouTube. But I don't agree with this.

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They do have magic on marketing.

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