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November 06, 2006


Kevin Dewalt

Great post, Baris. Awesome, succinct recommendations.

Ashley Maddox

Hey long lost friend! We must catch up. I'm in France for the next month, returning to LA in July.

Love your post. Right to the point. I can hear you saying every sentence.

Cara Fletcher

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Dash Chang

Well written. Honest.

The New Economics of Advertising


Thanks for the great template and advice!

Web 2 Conference Boy

Great i'm going to take some good hints from this for a project I'm working on for web start-ups!

Carlos Navarro

Excellent overview and template! Good to get a perspective from someone who's "done it". Keep the good info. coming Carlos

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I am sorry what exactly do you mean under "VC"?

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claire@men's blog

Easy to understand, very detailed and up to date. Thanks for this post.


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Make your presentation as easy as possible for the investors to comprehend, but not too slick -- or the VCs may think you're trying to snow them.
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I've seen many VCs who actually have companies in their portfolio who are in the same game, but still don't grasp the details.

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Good writing never goes out of style!

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Of course it is a lucky year, we hope.

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