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November 09, 2006


Emre Sokullu

I tried to see the same page (Pitching to VCs, great article by the way) with Google Ads, but the results were still terrible:

* We Need Writers
* Baby Pictures contest
* Cute baby picture contest
* Celebrity Baby Quiz
* Photo Contests - $10,000

Emre Sokullu

The article is all about a dating site scenario.. There are sentences like: "I am thinking of a fictitious, online ***dating*** startup who is fundraising."

And also, words like ***missing***, ***touches*** can trigger these ads. Although you mean completely different.

After all, dating bids are much more competitive than VC bids, so even if the context has a little connection with dating, dating ads are triggered...

Do I deserve a cup of coffee :)


Of course, what was I thinking. I do say "dating site" don't I? YOu are the contender to win, but give others time :-)


I owe Yahoo an apology. The service is not as bad as I make it. At least now, it's showing me decent ads.

Onder Batur

Here's what you should not have written: "How big is it?"

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