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December 12, 2006



It seems to me this could be expanded to other areas. Maybe create an entire category (dare I say a horizontal infrastructure play) for applying electical shocks to lots of problems.

Baris Karadogan

You have the pragmatic mind of a future politician :-)


Hmm... not only we cage them, we also torture them... Pretty cruel sounding to me...



I don't see anything wrong with simulating nature. Electric stimulation seems unimaginative and somewhat cruel, but offering moving trees or adding a few predators to keep animals active seems like a great idea. This would increase the entertainment value for park visitors, especially with our short attention span generation. If one was nearby, I'd visit.

Berkay Mollamustafaoglu

I can't believe you're entertaining this idea. It wasn't bad enough to lock the animals in the conditions you describe, but now we'll electrocute them because they are not "entertaining" enough?
I don't buy the "it's good for them" argument. There is a big difference between their "future" plans to stimulate them and using electric current.
I didn't like the idea in the first place, and reading their FAQ really made me mad.
I can't see how this can be a good investment. It make me wound up and I'm not an activist by any means. They better reserve a lot of money for PR, security, legal fees etc. because I think it's delusional to think that people will buy it's "safe" argument.
My 1.5 cents ...


No, I would not go. I am totaly against the zoo concept. But you should also ask the following question: Would you take your children to this new kind of zoo? There, I cant give a clear answer right away.

Cem Sertoglu

The point "it's just like real life" can be dangerously used to justify a lot of bad behavior. I'll side with Kerim that this sounds cruel.

Isabel Wang

Aren't there alternatives between languishing in boredom and getting zapped for visitors' entertainment? A friend recently adopted a stray cat, which he will keep indoors. He says he feels responsible for making sure that it has a more enjoyable life in captivity than roaming free. Don't zerbas and lions deserve similar consideration? Couldn't there be ways of implementing artificial stimuli that aren't overwhelmingly unpleasant?

And I agree with Berkay. A huge PR/security budget would be a must. I wouldn't be surprised if there were daily animal rights protests.

Alex Tolley

Firstly it won't work. The animals will adapt forcing ever more complex and costly ways to stimulate the animals. The more intelligent the animal, the faster the adaptation.

Would I visit the zoo? Probably not. Never mind whether this is cruel or not, the likely result will be kids constantly trying to stimulate the animals, and when they succeed possibly disturbing the experience for others. Simplest example - kids throwing stones at birds or fish to make them move. Is that any different and any less annoying?

A new kind of zoo would be high def screens showing real animals living in the wild. The large backlog of video could be selected for interesting events and used in the display - "the most interesting action of the lion today". The analysis of the video by intern zoologists could present interesting facts - e.g. charts of movement, fastest run to catch an antelope, eating times etc. That would be a zoo worth visiting with lots of updating data to inform the visitors rather than just pretty little minimal information displays.


Wow - cool technology. I suggest we spare the animals and use it on humans instead. We could use this to:

* keep folks awake in meetings (hey, T.O - could use it for sure)
* put a button outside each office and cubicle so passers-by could "stimulate" the person inside

How about we just shut zoos down and let animals be in their natural habitat. There are more tigers in zoos than in the wild in India!


I have to agree with Isabel on this issue. I am leaving the ethical issues out of the equation; this will be a tough call for you. Animals will adjust. Can you imagine hitting the buttons or activating all the fancy stuff and after a while nothing happens? So you have to constantly improve/upgrade/innovate. But since a cage is a cage, meaning you will have limited space (especially in metropolitan areas), I think the animals will get back to their "standing still" mode quicker than expected. I would look at San Diego Wild Animal Park project closely. I went there 4-5 times to take guests and would take my child without any hesitation. You can observe the animals, which are not predators for others of course, in a relatively large open area. I don't like zoos but I love the environment that they created there. It is as close as it gets to the real thing. I would talk to some animal behavioral specialists as part of your decision making process, but there is no doubt that the concept will get bad publicity and a significant air-time at prime time comedy shows. Having said all these, I try to read the blog as much as possible but this is the first time I am participating, so the concept is interesting for sure.



Thanks for the sanity litmus test ;)

There's no way public tazering of animals will become a mass phenomenon nor is investing in building the actual zoos a capital efficient strategy - the company should be a service provider to zoos (of course, they're likely terrible customers with outrageously long sales cycles).

I'm "short" EAS.



this is great is it posibble to use this at schools for stimulate the lazy and sleeping students of course with less electricity


The comment above this one is by my mom, who's always been there for me even in the blogosphere.

As for the other comments, I have to say that no, we didn't fund the company. They got acquired by a big pharmaceutical company who would not say how they would use the technology.

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I think PETA will be disgusted by this experiment.


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