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December 14, 2006


Ranjit Padmanabhan

Indeed! If I had to abstract the qualitative difference between Y! and Google, it's that in the past few months Yahoo has given up any pretense of acknowledging that their users may be halfway intelligent.

The Y! toolbar is bulky, bloated, and intrusive. GONE!

The Home Page is weighted down with JavaScript and the search form grabs your keystrokes, thereby holding you captive until the entire page loads. GOODBYE, Big Y - Hello Google!

Messenger releases are buggy and play badly with IE - I'll blame both Y! and M$ for that one.

While I'm sure there's a lot of clever stuff going on there, I'll probably never make it past their front door to know.


Toolbars can easily take over your computer:-)

Emre Sokullu

I guess this happened with Windows - Internet Explorer 6 duo? I don't have chance to try that, but maybe that's because Yahoo assumes you already switched to Internet Explorer 7. Because IE7 provides you very large workspace, Yahoo may have reconfigured their new toolbar according to the new sizes.

But if I were you, I'd use Firefox, meebo, and not bother with any toolbar offerings :)


I love Yahoo and I am pretty okay with agreessive tactics...but this blew up my browser and it took me an hour to get it to stabilize...

Baris Aksoy

Maybe this is the first outcome of the recently announced reorganization ;-)

MSFT went through similar reorganization to boost growth. It's too early to say for MSFT but I think they're on the right path. Can Yahoo make this reorg work? I doubt it.

site of the minute

Best site ever! Thanks. I mean blog :)

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