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January 07, 2007



Forgot to mention one big thing. I should not be forgotten that the PS3 and the XBox 360 are another phenomenal way to make the TV experience interactive.

Baris Aksoy

UWB (wireless hdmi?) supposed to be the ultimate video connector among tv, dvd player, gaminc console, laptop etc. I don't think people would look for vga, s-video, etc. once UWB products hit the market.

I have doubts on attrativeness of internet ready TVs:

- Simple remote is a big challenge as you mentioned. Logitech, i.e. have some interesting universal remotes. Still not as easy as browsing on your laptop.

- Quality of videos you watch on internet are still very low, and will probably stay like that due to storage and bandwidth constraints. Content providers such as HDnet will probably push their content through Comcast's, AT$T's network, rather than internet.

- Young population increasingly multi-task i.e. listen music, chat and check out the latest cool video on Hence, they'll prefer PC as the digital media platform, rather than TV.

I think that AOL made a good move with its acquisition of Truveo and AOL Video is the closest (any others ones out there?) to an online media portal.


cem sertoglu

I wonder if there will be a Sonos-like dedicated manager for all digital content managing different screens around the home?


I never thought wireless HDMI would be so needed until I got some consumer electronic goods that have HDMI jacks. It will be necessary, but is UWB fast enough for it?

I agree with your comment on the youth. Their TV is their laptop. Period.

Nice to have a domain expert like you comment on the blog :-)



If you found the answers to the questions you were looking for at CES, specifically:

- How many TV's are sold with VGA inputs?
- When are Internet ready TV's coming out, when will they hit volume?

Please let us know.

I spoke with most of the major TV manufacturers there and only a few of them would admit they either were selling Internet TVs today or were even developing them.

Maybe I was speaking to the wrong people (product managers). Some of the major manufacturers claimed they had no such product being developed - and that seemed a bit odd to me, especially since Toshiba announced early last year that they were going to start selling them 2Q06 in Japan.

In any case, we are working on the problem you outlined above.



I didn't end up going to CES, went to macworld to see steve jobs instead.

I am looking for those numbers as well, when I know I will post it.

In the meantime, all the more power to you and

Check out my last post on this matter titles "Why Do You Want Interactive TV?

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