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January 30, 2007



Isn't the entire direction management industry basically a way to take out inefficiencies in Search?


Interesting. Tell us more.

Tom Cole

AuctionIntelligence is a clever idea. I suppose the answer to this for auction sellers (or the companies that provide services to them) would be a tool which grooms auction copy before it goes live. Besides proofreading for spelling errors, maybe such a tool could check an auction listing against a "style guide" which encapsulates best practices of wording, layout, etc.

Peter Lee

The idea is not new. Advertisers have been buying misspelled keywords (and getting good results) on Infoseek, Yahoo, Google, GoTo, etc. for close to a decade. Applying it to auctions is a clever idea, though hardly novel.

However, like any other ideas, it's merely gives you a temporary unfair market advantage. Once everyone uses it, the game is over.


I agree. That's why I used the service first, then blogged about it :-)


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The idea is not new. Advertisers have been buying misspelled keywords (and getting good results) on Infoseek, Yahoo, Google

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