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January 23, 2007



Speaking about open source biology, one project I was involved in recently was the OpenWetWare program at MIT. Essentially, we are creating a library of parts and devices, and building a distribution mechanism for biologists/bioengineers to use. One of the things I helped to create over the summer was an autonomous scent generating bacteria- all done for modular parts, meaning that some garage bioengineer could take those pieces and hack together another device with light or heat reporters (for example) and stick it into some other chassis.

Some exciting stuff.


That's a fascinating post by Attila Csordas! Thanks for the pointer.

Attila Csordas

That's a fascinating post by Baris Karadogan, and I agree with its consequences. The best analogy of biotech DIY is infotech DIY, and if we would like to extrapolate we have to take a look at what happened in the last 30x years in the computer world. Stem cell research is not on the complexity level of solving and inventing new partial differential equations and tissue cell culture is as difficult as growing plants in the backyard. Careful and focused work, but within range. That these cells and tissues are human, it is a "metaphysical difficulty" that should be overcome.

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