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February 22, 2007


Cem Sertoglu

I think I'll get a new BB again just for brickbreaker. another similar game for me is canal control, from an old nokia phone of mine. i still keep the phone around, charged, with an old/expired pre-paid sim card, just so i can play the game.


I see more and more commuters playing this on the London tube every morning/evening. The comment about the ability to stop it and continue where you've left it, possibly days later, is spot-on. Often when I want to play, I don't even remember where I had last left it, and am pleasantly surprised when I see it at 8000 points with 4 remaining lives.

come on now...let's hear it from everyone...

I'm at 9645


I am at 15675, though I haven't played in a loong time.

Brian Morgan

Can anybody tell me how to fix this problem? The BrickBreaker game in my BlackBerry 4.2 (Pearl) seems to jam, particularly in the later stages. Sometimes, when the ball goes out of bounds, particularly after Stage 12, the game cannot be continued, even though the "sled" at the bottom can still be moved with the pearl and the game has not finished. Does anyone knw how to get the ball back into play in this situation? Thanks.

Rhett Crow

my current best score was 32,000 about for brickbreaker on my new blackberry.....i broke that and i am still in the middle of my game.....i have 123,540 points right now, 48 lives and been through the 34 levels 7 or 8 times now.....after you beat leavel 34 for the second time it goes on to say level 1/34 x2, then the next time you get through it goes to 1/34 x3 and so on....i dont see this ending and it doesnt get any more difficult from the 1st time you beat it to the 7th time question is does it get more difficult, has anyone out there been this for along, im easily going to get over 200,000 points and i am gaining lives faster than i lose them....?????????

N Mesel

My current score -- game in progress -- is 1,360,360. I have accumulated 620 lives, so I figure the machine will probably break before I run out of lives and end the game.


N Mesel,
620 lives?? You are a gift from God to humanity, much like Stephen Hawking.

Can you take a photo of your score page and send it to me? I'll make a special blog entry for you!

You can find my contact info from

R Clay

I have problem. Current score is 1,341,455 and 616 lives left. Game has frozen. Evertime I hit a brick, I get "Try again!" message, but I don't lose life. Started this game in September. Don't want to restart. Does anybody know how to fix?


Just passed 500,000 with 130 lives left

Addicted 2 BB

Once you get thru the 34 levels twice, the game gets almost boring unfortunately. The ball rarely speeds up. Never approaches anywhere near the speed of the 2nd go-around. It took me about 6 mnths of almost daily play to finally break thru the level 34 twice. Now I'm up to 195k with 55 lives and growing every time I pick it up...I see the record is now something like 5M, so long way to go...

J. Roberts

I have been playing for 3 months and my current high score is 26390. The highest level I have achieved is level 18 of the 2nd round.

Mikhail Ilyayev

Im beating all of you asses see me in the record books soon and Daniel allen the only way to stop me is to play another 180 hours

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I am afraid to start playing any computer game because I know exactly that I will be addicted.

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I just bought my new Black Berry for game Brick Breakers. I don't know what is in this game ..I am addicted of it. I used to leave my work only for playing this game. Have you also addicted by this one ?

miami broadband

I am so into Brickbreaker!! such a fan!! and I hate to say that all charcteristics mantioned above are all true!!
I love to play when am at the car, waiting for something or in a line!!!

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It sound so interesting to hear about this game and it makes me want to have it to have the option to pause it makes it more interesting the BB is bringin good good stuff for us so is not just a regular mobile i like that.


Now here is what I suggest. How much more usage would RIMM get out of the blackberry if they offered prizes, cash prizes, to the top gamers? I bet that the usage of the game would materially increase if players knew that the winner every year got say $40K. Just the marketing PR would justify the expense. Moreover, they could make up the cash outlay and more if they put a tiny feature that connects to the Internet every so often to download the top 100 list after every game and reported where the individual stands. The added data charges could recover the cash payout. Of course the carrier would keep a big cut, but that's about to change and that's the subject of another blog post..

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I am totally agree because some stars lined up in two ways. First, it was the only game on the device and the players had to play it, and secondly, the game was available to people who are similar to each other and interact with each other.

Salvatiry Carlino

So who says managers and directors can't have fun with their mobile devices? This game would really get them some breather and fun after a day's work. This handset really offers quite a lot of useful apps, from the serious things like enterprise servers to the fun stuff like this game.


i want to play this game :)

MBA Colleges in Mumbai

hellooo i am also using blackberry. n i think it's the only game in which we can't get tired. so that's why it's famous. Thank you for the Information.


I think nobody can explain that, but the fact is it normally becomes on adicction humans are not able to control. I think best we can do is just to accept it and try to live with it.


the biggest problem that I have with Blackberry. It is the OS. You can't get a lot of games in there because it is quite expensive to get a Blackberry. Android or iOS are the way to go with games.

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