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February 01, 2007



great, this means we can listen to the audiobook version of Harry Potter on our iphones come July!

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Harry Potter a famous hero among elders as well as children. Everybody want to feel the magic and the magic land of harry potter. Now harry potter has a new destination now the wizarding world of harry potter. I have been waiting for that click it will help you.


Great book, love all the Harry Potter books and movies, specially the last one, we now see a more mature Harry.

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I ordered the book this morning off you guys with the added quilt kit!!!I will be busy wont I especially when the other son said he wants one too.Oh dear!!!The joys of it all.Look forward to starting it.Take care.

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I gotta be honest I love Harry Potter and Ive seen all his movies over and over again. I cant believe now is the audio AMAZING, thanks a lot for the information

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The book it's awesome, I saw a few days ago the video of how the movie was maked you know the behind the scenes, but I think that the book it's still better.

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I love harry potter since I was I was a little girl, because I love all magic stuff, and harry potter leads my imagination to a land full of Wizards and Dwarf.
I'm really hoping to see this movie


Im excited for the newest movie. That would earn millions again for sure.

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