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February 09, 2007


avram miller

You are totally right. It reminds me of cable telephony. The cable guys were going to offer telephony over cable with their own technology. They never really made it happen. Then Voip started to happen and guess what? The key to the changes that have come or are coming is the High Def monitor replacing the TV, broadband and smart clients that have an open O/S. The PC/mac is one but there will be many others and they will be connected to the display such as game machines, tivo, etc. We have one open standard for doing this which is IP but the real limit is the last mile broadband which guess what, is in the hands of the people that will not move.


If they don't move the world will move around them. I won't be surprised is companies like Google take on the last mile problem head on. Better, more scalable WiFi, cheaper EVD0, or realistic Wimax may be the solution.

Asela Gunawardana

You're exactly right. To the extent that when I see "interactive TV" what I read is "video on demand." And as a consumer, I don't care who brings it to me -- the cable companies, iTunes, tivo, Netflix, Amazon, MS, etc. I just what a big screen in my living room and a little screen in my pocket so that I can watch whatever I want whenever, without having to think about it.


I agree with the fact that the distribution guys want to do nothing unless they absolutely have to and they have to feel the pressure from somewhere.


Yes, had written to Dell etc on this at

Everyone is and has been ready for it .....


I can't believe I actually found a site worth talking about. I ordered the software for Online TV on my PC, and I get all the channels that's advertised. Now I can firmly say, "if you look hard enough you will find reliable service. One happy camper right here.


i'm watching tv from internet while browsing

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