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March 15, 2007



...interesting to note that he lists culture, traditions, and art...nothing on religion...sumerians are supposed to be really into their gods...

by the way, he must have had a good life if he made it to 75 back then! i wonder what he ate.

Itamar Shamshins

I can relate to the passion you describe reading through the life story of someone who lived so long ago.

It's amazing.

Can you please let me know where I can get the book?



The book is in Turkish and can be found at
I looked to find an English version on Google but couldn't.

75 is amazing isn't it. I thought people in that era lived to 30ish.
As for spirituality, there is a lot of it. Almost everything in the first few chapters are about their gods. The amount of time they spend on worship would make the most pious guy in our age look uninvolved.

More to come on the book.

Kevin Dewalt

Wow! This sounds awesome. Hopefully there will be an English version at some point.

Reuben Kincaid

I heard from the author that this book is being translated right now into English and that she hopes it will be published in the USA.


Itamar Shamshins

I you hear of an english version one day I'd appreciate a pointer. You have my email.


Patrick O'Reilly

Hi I know it has been a long time since someone blogged here but I have desperately been seeking a translation of this book. Although I speak Turkish it is not good enough to read and take the fullness of the story in. If anyone knows the publisher of this book or where the Turkish version can be found I would appreciate it. A read of Zacharia Sichin' 'The 12th Planet' would reafirm this books intreuige and importance in human history.


I can send turkish version to you. write to me, [email protected]

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The Sumerian city states rose to power during the prehistorical Ubaid and Uruk periods. Sumerian history reaches back to the 26th century BC and before, but the historical record remains obscure until the Early Dynastic III period, ca. the 23rd century BC, when a now deciphered syllabary writing system was developed, which has allowed archaeologists to read contemporary records and inscriptions. Classical Sumer ends with the rise of the Akkadian Empire in the 23rd century BC. Following the Gutian period, there is a brief "Sumerian renaissance" in the 21st century, cut short in the 20th century BC by Amorite invasions. The Amorite "dynasty of Isin" persisted until ca. 1700 BC, when Mesopotamia was united under Babylonian rule.

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The Sumerians - is one of the most mysterious cultures in the world

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Wow! This sounds awesome. Hopefully there will be an English version at some point.

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It is admirable that this archeologis studied for yeras Sumerians. She has a lot of experience. In addition to that, she is so intelligent and she always looking for answers to what does not understand. It is awesome.

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Very interesting blog, and this is a nice story I like to read and i really enjoy when i find stories like this.

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6000 years ago an poeple, feel the same..

..."Our civilization perhaps will influence people living 1000s of years from now. They will put new foundations on the ones we started. Oh! I hope they can remember us and thank us for the culture we're leaving behind..."

Very powerful.. our culture is banishing! Traditions, customs.. everything.. what will think the future societies about us??

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How interesting to see that people from thousends of years ago had this need to preserve theyr culture and theyr traditions and that he was hoping that people would remember them, it just make me think how is it gonna be a few a couple thousend years from now would it be like that with us, would they even remember us

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wow, that man was so wise, write a book,for the future generations, please translate it fast please. I'm very interested in reading that book

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Nick McConnell

Thank you for the post. Your readers may be interested in two points:

1. Ludingirra apparently lived in about 2000 BCE, which is ~4,000 years ago, not 6,000.

2. A very good review of the Turkish edition of the book was written by Sina Mandalinci; it's at .

Nick McConnell

Hey wait! Is the correct translation of the book's title as is given at the Wikipedia article on the author:

1996: Sümerli Ludingirra [Babylonian Ludingirra, a retrospective science-fiction]?

If so, have you and the author of the review at Amazon (Sina Mandalinci) been misled (and are misleading your readers) into thinking that these tablets are real? Is it all "science fiction"?


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should be a privilege to have a book so much time on their hands and more than that to read it in detail

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