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April 26, 2007


Kevin Dewalt

Wow. Think of all the money I could make as a spammer on this network.


We haven't had a spam problem yet. Since a spammer has to go through the experimentation phase, it doesn't get to put up an ad unless it gets good clickthroughs, and spam usually doesn't. If somebody put a really creative spam ad and did get meaningful clickthroughs, then it's not spam :-)

As for spam emails, if a spammer signs up we knwo who invited them and let the community know. Your profile would have a badge that shows you invited a spammer :-)


Ok this is getting scary. I wanna get out of it...
It's worse than Google 2084 here

PS Baris, isn't your birthday today? Have a happy one!


Thank you!


For a very long and thoughtful reaction to this post, please see the comments at:

Peter Cooper

In a cultural sense, this sounds somewhat like Second Life already (or even the Web itself!), although technically it's rather different (SL not being peer to peer - yet, but they're open sourcing a lot now). Companies are already paying SL veterans to build stores, islands, and items for them, and SL users are visiting those properties. SL then cashes in because they're paid on a per-server basis.

If SL were totally open sourced in a P2P-esque fashion, where does the revenue come from? A virtual economy? Possibly, although if the client were also open sourced, you might have big issues in implementing such a network due to the ability to totally eradicate or block advertising from view (the Web is already dealing with this problem).

In fact.. isn't what you're describing /almost/ the Web in its current state, but with some sort of P2P Google in place? The Web is P2P (in a sense), individuals run advertising through brokers, etc.. and Google is probably the biggest ringleader reaping big financial value from little self-worth.


Thank you for your comments. Makes me happy to see thoughfulness on this blog.

What I am describing is a group of people who have decided to own the ad network that advertises to them. We have people who have written their own databases (mySQL), their own operating systems (Linux), why not own something that makes the community some money. If signing up as an advertiser is as simple as a self-serve process, why not own that network?

That I believe, is one thing different than the SL and the web today.


One new social network site I found is Tuxxo.

Tuxxo combines the featurs of MySpace , YouTube and Flickr all in one site.

The place to go is



Hi Baris,

I think that it is nice that you help out start-up technology companies. I'm trying to get the word out to VC's like you, about a new website called Conektinc at It matches VCs with entrepreneurs. If you are interested, you can enter in your e-mail address at the link I provided to receive a notice of the launch of this new site. Thank you!


Such sites are my favorite too))

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