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May 03, 2007



exciting stuff. i'm also still anticipating a major 'religion' to emerge in the 21st century from the web.

Sumitra Menon

I happened to read up Sramana Mitra's definition of Web 3.0 and found it quite interesting! You might want to read this: Web 3.0 = (4C + P + VS). And for a series of examples, you can see her analysis of the Personal Finance category from a Web 3.0 perspective.


You can see some signs of "web 3.0" happening in Second Life

Queen of Suburbia Fashion

A great blog post.

As a designer that finds it as easy to sell "virtual" t-shirts in Second Life as I do to sell real t-shirts, I think you make some great points.

How long before second life gets it's first Chancellor of the Exchequor??

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Are there any websites out there in the Internet that can be considered as Web 3.0?
I want to know if there are implementations of Web 3.0 at this point, or how far are we of use it in the near future.

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Everything is self-serve, online, quick and simple right? So they will quickly write code and create widgets to get better deals in everything they do, everything they buy and every service they pay for.

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Which programming language is best to develop web 3.0?


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