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July 09, 2007



O Unsal, you are a philosopher trapped in the body of a hedge fund manager. This post is for you. Go to town. You have an obligation to your followers to comment :-)


I think perhaps you risk losing some of the impact of your suggestion by talking in too much generality. I think there is so much more to developing self-actualising tendencies in children and paying them to do chores is not necessarily a good nor bad thing in this case. Still, always good to see people in support of positive parenting :P


You may want to rethink the paying for chores comment. We pay our kids to do chores so they can save to buy (or at least contribute to)the things they want. The idea is to teach them the value of a dollar. Basically, they aren't entitled to the things they want, they have to earn them...

- Jim


Teaching the value of a dollar is terribly important. Parents just have to be careful in figuring out what kinds of activities should be used in teaching that lesson.

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Spot on, great post! More to the point of "I'm bored". I've said that to my dad only once when I was kid. He responed with "That's because you're stupid. Smart people are never bored, they find a way to do something that's interesting". After that, never asked that question ever again...

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Positive parenting

I think... that this is more of a question of how much responsibility you give to your child... Giving more freedom gives them more independance hence making them able to make their own decisions...

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