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October 24, 2007


Matt Mihaly

I see your point though I think it's more that those particular videos just suck.

I will say though: That little girl in the Landlord was cute as a button.



Yes, she is cute...even cuter with a bad mouth.

But is it really worth Will Ferrell to get behind that? Make great movies...


One does not need to be living in order to laugh. If you draw a line with Andy Kaufman on one end and Lenny Bruce on the other, everything you ever wanted to laugh at is in-between - but those two, they were a class in their own.

In Kaufman and Bruce you have two people broke new boundaries. It is superficial of us to contend that any living comedian today is anywhere close to those two ground-breakers.

Comedy extends the grave, it is only we who for want of something different or new, fail to appreciate the depth in the comic being, ultimately when we all get old, the wisest of us end up laughing at the very lives we lead. Tragedy is the trajectory of depression and repression, but comedy is the realization that we can contemplate tragedy and that brings us to wisdom, the foolish notion that we are in control or that we can escape.

What Andy Kaufman and Lenny Bruce both did so well, was make comedy an intelligent life force to wake us up as human being - and in so doing demonstrate the reality of living a shallow life, for puerile liberty or in artificial happiness. Kaufman and Bruce, now there are two people who will teach you the value of laughter as transformation.



Andy Kaufman was in a league of his own. I think he was marvelous. Challenged the audience much the same way Ali G challenges his interviewees. Neither knows if what's happening to them is serious or one big joke.

Funny Guy

Nice article, I really appreciate your sharing!


Actually .. I think funnyordie is very funny. Sure, there are a few that don't tickle my funny bone, but there are a lot that do. And The Landlord? Hilarious.

coffee buzz

a lot of it seems a bit forced, true


I think you have a thorough understanding in this matter. You describe in detail all here.


The new year is already knocking at the door, let it will bring only happiness and joy.


You write well will be waiting for your new publications.

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