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December 15, 2007



Is there suppose to be a link to another article at the end of 2b?


What are you talking about? The link is there :-)


Thanks Baris. That is an excellent reference.

I think your Android prediction might be more for 2009 than 2008 in terms of actually being successful.

2c) i agree but it is funny to think of some guy playing WOW for 4 hours using the Wii controls jumping up and down, lunging, etc. American obesity eliminated by video games. Ironic.

Emre Ersahin


Here is a parallel predictions site. FYI.

Personally I am interested and following on this paradigm:
"Leading social networking sites MySpace and Facebook continue to maintain their traffic but struggle to ignite significant revenue growth."

Emre Ersahin


Here is a parallel predictions site. FYI.

Personally I am interested and following on this paradigm:
"Leading social networking sites MySpace and Facebook continue to maintain their traffic but struggle to ignite significant revenue growth."


Can you now estimate if your predictions were right?

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