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December 09, 2007


Jeff D

I find myself wondering when the people who are saying we are in the midst of a global warming crisis are going to start acting like they are in a crisis.

Flying to Bali on so many private jets that the airport ran our of space to park them doesn't do much to convince me that we are in the midst of a crisis.

That said, I recycle, have flourescent bulbs in all my lights and am very careful to use as little electricity as possible. Why? It saves me money.

Cagan Sekercioglu

Jeff, good point. As the author of the bird article, I can tell you that I choose to live in a 6 m2 cabin (64 square feet), do not own a car, commute by bike, and offset my carbon emissions via trustworthy reforestation projects that will deliver. e.g.

The Bali meeting organizers should have had a comprehensive plan to offset the meeting emissions, rather than make it piecemeal, although Indonesians say they will offset the meeting's emissions.

Not surprisingly:

"The U.S. won't compensate for the emissions of its delegates because ``we feel the best use of taxpayer dollars is for technology advancement, not purchasing carbon offsets,'' said Kristen Hellmer, a spokeswoman for the delegation."

Cagan Sekercioglu

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