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February 22, 2008



Wow...can't wait to get one


I wish I had this my wife would love it. I think a mii excersie instructor game is on the horizion...

Wii First

My kids love playing the Wii Fitness mini games, but I use the balance board to monitor my fitness progress.

I'd rather go to the gym as it's more practical for me, but the goal setting, BMI, and weight tracking of Wii fitness is an amazing fitness aid.

Wii Fit Gal

Definately looks good - a healthy and refreshing change for a video game :o)

Wii Game World

Maybe kids will finally, actually get fit from video games. Amazing! The cure for childhood obesity (which is now an epidemic in the US)? How much does the wii fit add on run?

Wayne Merritt

Great post, I especially enjoyed the part about kids getting fit from video games - LOL - Yeah, well, basketball and baseball are still cheaper :)

BUT - I am a wii addict myself, and found a cool site where I now have over 25 wii games, some are pretty cool treasures (and addicting)


If anyones still looking for a nintendo Wii hop on over to


Very useful information ... thanks


I have a question? Does anyone know how to unlock a WII with software only. I've heard of this new software and just needed some feedback.

Wii fit in stock

I'm gonna buy one next week. I really can't wait to get it..

shane oneill

nice article mate i will bookmark the page and i am awaiting more aticles cheers


They are so bloody dam hard to get hold off, didnt get one for xmas

yoga schools

[...] on from my last post on Wii Fit, these are the muscle exercises you can do with the basic Wii Fit [...]

Martin Wii Fit Chrimes

If you are serious about your own software you should make your own hardware, hmm, maybe that's why micrsoft dont make hardware!

Love the Wii Fit althugh i do feel it has a short lifespan until more software is released.

Allan Mitz

interactivity at its best! the wii is erfectly shaped not only for kids but also for other ages too. my mother used to inhibit himself from playing consoles saying that it's just a waste of time and electricity, but when she tried wii fit ,she never left it ever since. great workout thing and everyday exercise! there are also workout games to choose from and it can be easily downloaded at Wii downloads Sites. enjoy choosing!

Yoga Trader

Interesting article. I guess having the pad sense your movements will at least tell if you are getting the basics of the yoga move down.

Martin Wii Fit Wizz

I only recently got my Wii Fit and i am impressed. Fair enough the exercises are nothing new but they are effective and the Wii Fit does allow you to undersntad whether you are doing them correctly.

What i love most is the fact that it tracks your progress, shows you how you are progressing over time and all from the comfort of your own living room! Superb piece of equipment!

John Blackmore

I lost 20pounds with in juts over 7 months as part of my fitness program.

Wii Lover

We keep in shape with the Wii, the best thing to come out on any computer console.

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