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May 13, 2008



fully agree that it would be very informational and that as a consumer we ought to be able to learn more about the packaged food we eat

having walked through a number of food product manufacturers, though, i suspect consumers would react very negatively after watching some of the videos, which won't be in the interest of the manufacturers

and unfortunately it's not as regulated an industry as tobacco or alcohol, so it would probably take decades for the industry to be reshaped and for us to be able to watch chicken beheadings on


I was just reading a book about food ("Sound bites" by Alex Kapranos), he claims that a friend of his who worked at a Twinkie factory was told never ever to eat stuff that fell to the ground. When this friend was drunk one day, he did eat one of the fallen twinkies and totally got sick. He claims that the stuff they put in the twinkies to make them have such long shelflife is toxic until it's in the wrapper.

He could be full of BS, but I thought it was fitting with your post.


This is all the more reason to make sure everybody you know puts a comment here.

Babak Azad

Here here!

Hakan Ener

If this idea turned into regulation, it would be THE MOST EFFECTIVE ANTI-OBESITY MOVE EVER!

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