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October 29, 2008


Michael Martin

I would say so far so good.

The litmus test will be in 2009 as the next generations of Android phones come out and compete against each other as well other phones.

If it muscles out a signifigant slice of the mobile market - at least 30% - by the end of 2009 I would affirm Android's success.

,Michael Martin



Good points, but 30% is such a big and meaningful number, especially given how big mobile is, I would say if they reach that number not by the end of 2009 but by the end of 2011 it would still be a big success.

Cem Sertoglu

CAVEAT: I have not yet used the Android...

But, it's open. And open will win in interactive devices. iPod has been a winner so far. So have Windows and Mac OS's. But those games are not over yet. Before the age of connectivity, openness did not matter. Closed systems could win. No more. Sooner or later, open will win.


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You're not wrong - it's needed and advancements will also be needed.

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You would think people would wake-up after that one, but no -- they keep looking for that pot of gold that will send them to Hawaii for the rest of their lives.

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Android makes a revolution on mobile market. Nice performance.


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I must agree that the android phones are great, but there is just too many variations of them on the market, each has it's own benchmark. It's like a battle of the android phones, unlike the iphone they only have one model on each release which makes it a much stable plaform for games and applications. Thats what I think in my oppinion.

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