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October 22, 2009


John Brian

I live’n’breathe in the "why” and the “design/purpose" and the technology space – I love it here.

My work and writing speaks to essential and magical pragmatism (Yes, pragmatics can be magical, ask Williams James) of the “why” of the internet” as a function of an innate and unstoppable, although seemingly detour prone, process of individual, innate and gift-based human evolution… and whole human-systems gift-based or gift-centric social evolution, and more specifically, the evolution of 1) an individual and naturally disposed and gifted human mind, and 2) all of these human minds doing that same thing.

… and a “why the internet exists” design/purpose founded on the innate NEED of all these evolving and inherently gift-driven-at-the-core human minds finding fuller and better and more synergy-rich “connecting” along the way.

My innately disposed preference is to think of the internet as simply a mind-mirror and interactive functional projection and manifestation thereof, the human mind. And over time, guess what, it actually looks more and more like a human cortex, this felt-work of connective tissue, of fibrils, like glial cells and dendridic networks, enmeshed and encapsulating directly, and indirectly and over time, all minds on the planet. And these minds “connected” - consciously, most not - are trying really, really hard - as it is what they are designed to do… is their ultimate and pre-ordained purpose - to be all they can be... to be innately and naturally gift-driven and along the way, trying very, very hard to more effectively resonate (socnet) and connect (socnet) to optimizing “partners” along the way, and over generations of our humanity.

It is this fundamental process and direction of human evolving that feeds the evolution of da’Net itSelf, and reciprocally, the further evolution of the natural and innately disposed and gifted human Self.

Nice that the internet helps in all this, and was mirror-designed in fact, for that express purpose, whether we see it as such or not, i.e. it’s purpose within and without and pertaining to the unknown.

Okay, done spewing.



Yeah, the Internet is designed for us, PC users. The Internet is really important because almost all the information needed are found there. Imagine how many information are stored in the Internet. It is a big help not only for professionals but mostly for students. They can find their assignment's answers in the Web. For professionals and working people, Internet can add information to those things they don't know.

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Who can explain exactly how the 4 Number DNS System for the Internet was designed?
I would like to know how and why the 4 Number Domain Name Server System was designed, and what the limitations of this System are. This System is really limited as is well known.

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The Internet was designed for people not depending on what OS they use

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The internet was designed for billion of people that why it is defined as a global system connecting computer networks that use internet protocol. Through internet, communications media, have been reshaped as what we call, websites, blogging, Voice over internet protocol.







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The internet is designed for us pc users.. To make our lives more easy with what we can access in the internet. :) Great blog.

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Hmm well said...But many are improvising so that internet can also be for mobile or iphone..=D Wow i love my mobile internet!!

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This was encouraged even more when it was made affordable to so many people.


you are so entirely wrong. linking from one page to another is why the internet is great. you know how you see a cool link and click it, go there, and consume the content? yah?

wouldn't it be better if you saw a cool link, clicked it, got told to install that links custom application, searched for it in the store, payed for it, and then got to consume the content? no? i didn't think so

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Thank you for sharing .The article is great.I am so glad to find this post.

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Most people using internet on their PC.


well said. It's amazing where the internet reached in term of technology. Every tiny device has nowadays internet...after all, that's the whole idea of cloud computing.

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i think the internet was designed for data sharing but i got way out of hand


IMO, Internet was made for human and human only :) Is it right?

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Indeed you are right. The internet supported the unknown. With the dawn of internet, new things were developed. Thanks a lot to it that it made our live better, in communication and in everything that can bridge the gap. More power for sharing this article.

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the Internet is simply made for US --- users. a short but very precise post about the internet. keep it up!


It is a big help not only for professionals but mostly for students. Helpful post. Thank you for sharing..


The Internet Was Designed For The PC. The Internet Is Not Designed For The iPhone.


I am a firm believer in the internet and the online revolution, but I think the PC still came first.


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